Case Study – Optimized in 2004-2005

Insurance Finder is a 100% advertiser supported insurance search engine. Being in a highly competitive industry, the main challenge was to find the niche keywords within their main keyword list. Then determine ways to rank the website naturally for this important industry related terms and phrases that defined their business.

We treated the website optimization by carrying a deep level keyword research to fine-tuned content and HTML tags. Consequently Pay-Per-Click keyword list shrunk saving company thousands a month. Then a library of terms was optimized to support the new keyword efforts and ranking. A link building campaign was drafted, which steadily improved the sites ranking for many keywords over time. A click-to-talk initiative was also introduced to faster capture users online, as a result sales escalated because of the immediate connection with the sales force.

Hello Paulo,
It’s been a while and I wanted to thank you for all the good work you provided a few years ago. I enjoyed working with you very much. Many of your pages and links are still up and operational and I feel it was a big mistake to stop when we did. If there’s ever a chance to reconnect I would love it.
Hope all is well,

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